Summer work

Just as we know that students will lose knowledge over the summer we should expect that we as educators will lose some of our classroom knowledge during that time as well. Every year many of us come back to the classroom and it takes a few weeks to get back into the routine and during that time we struggle to keep students engaged and set a poor tone for the classroom that we will spend weeks working to correct. We tell students and parents that success lies in continuing to work over the summer to stay fresh on skills and prevent summer learning loss. As educators we should at the very minimum hold ourselves to the same standard and spend time over the summer searching for new ideas and classroom techniques, both teaching and management, to keep our teaching from suffering this same summer loss. Here are a few classroom management tools I have come across in the past few months that I believe would help any teacher, especially younger ones who struggle with classroom management.

Both are free resources that give teachers the ability to track behavior, both positive and negative, contact parents, and provide other various classroom management tools to help teachers, students, and parents keep up with what is going on in the classroom.


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