Difficult Students

I stumbled across this over the summer and really thought it had a lot of merit for students in schools today. Dr. Greene’s explanations in his videos seem so simple that I can’t believe this hasn’t become the focus in more schools. This picture is pretty powerful to me:


We are quick to blame parents, society, technology, etc. but where does that get us? Those are generally things we can’t control and as every great coach I have had has always told me, you need to focus on the things you can control and get better at those if you want to have any success. The bigger issue is that students do have Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems, boy do they have these. The better we are at focusing on these the more progress we are going to make with these students. It is a difficult transition but a worthy one when you are trying to make a difference in helping a student.


Go to the website and look around. Watch the videos: http://www.livesinthebalance.org/walking-tour-educators

They will change, for the better, your approach to difficult students. If you approach things with the attitude “kids do well if they can”your outlook on students will be infinitely better and so will your results.


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