Finally writing again

It has been a few years since my last post and I could write a dissertation with everything that has happened in between then and now. But I want to take a few minutes just to get some things off my chest and think in writing for a while.

In the time I stopped writing I essentially topped learning. I took a “promotion” for the sake of the promotion and it was what I thought I wanted. I got some sage like advice from my former superintendent and I didn’t take it and I really should have. I essentially stopped reading for over a year because the learning I was previously doing didn’t mesh with the environment I was in. My worst fears about where I was taking my promotion where coming to fruition and the things I was learning were “too much” or beyond consideration for those I was working with. My biggest regret over this time was accepting this and stopping myself from growing in ways that make me better capable to help students.

I spent time trying to appease people at the expense of my “why” and what I truly felt was best for others. I essentially turned off one of my greatest qualities. I compromised myself and I really regret it.

I am happy to say I have moved on from this environment, I have read several books in the last few months and dozens of amazing articles. I have reconnected myself with an amazing network on twitter and I am once again growing. Anyone who is trying to “move up” please do your research on where you are going, make sure those you will be surrounded with are capable of embracing you and don’t try to appease them for the sake of the job because you won’t feel good about yourself throughout the process. I can’t wait to continue growing and learning with my network. I will be posting much more frequently and hopefully helping you find some glimmers of knowledge along the way while I will certainly be finding them from others.


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