Establishing a Mission, not a mission statement

Jon Gordon, author of such books as the Energy Bus and the Power of Positive Leadership, has a powerful part of one of his speeches that I think would prove so powerful when it comes to selecting your staff. He states that he doesn’t want a mission statement, he wants people on a mission! How powerful could this be in your school, if everyone was truly on a mission?

As I look to continue my educational career I have established what my mission is, and I am only going to work with people who are on the same mission as me: “To make the world a better place through the empowerment and education of students”

What would your building look like if everyone was on this mission? I can’t imagine how powerful the day to day interactions of staff would be if everyone was on this mission, how much better could we make the world around us if we all subscribed to this mission?

I have really gotten into Jon Gordon and his work, my son and I read The Shark and the Goldfish together, I listen to his podcast, Positive University, and I have watched several of his videos on YouTube. If you want some amazing insight on how to make your workplace better do yourself a favor and do the same.

Coming from the Midwest I have always been a fan of the Big Ten while hating the SEC and ACC equally. After I listened to Jon Gordon’s podcast with Dabo Swinney, coach of the Clemson Tiger’s football team, I can’t help but be a fan. When coach Swinney talks about his job being to serve the hearts and minds of his players and not there talents, I can’t think of a more powerful statement I have ever heard from a coach at that level. In a world where people only care about winning Clemson has been able to focus on making better husbands and fathers while winning. I have listened to this podcast twice already, I will continue to listen to it and hope to be able to have a similar impact on students.


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